Dar Khoongah

2020102 min

Reza (Amin Hayai) returns to their neighborhood after eight years of working in Japan.

Dar Khoongah (درخونگاه) is a social film narrated in the sixties.

This film has been screened in the 7th Fajr Film Festival in year 7. In the evening of October 10th this year went to the screen of Iranian cinemas and reached the sale of about USD. Now after several months of screening through the Henravel Institute home theater network has entered

Actor: Amin Hayaei, Jaleh Samati, Mehraveh Sharifinia, Mahmoud Jafari, Mansour Shahbazi, Fatemeh Mortazavi, Ali Estadi, Afshin Sang Print, Jamshid Hashempour

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