14 Ways to Make Extra Cash on Your Smartphone in 2020

Ways of making money in the comfort of your home are numerous these days. There are also ways of making money conveniently wherever you are. If you are always doing one thing or the other with your smartphone, you should start thinking of ways you can make money from your phone even while on the run. 14 ways have been listed below to help you choose and most of these options will take only minutes. You should give it a shot.


Points are earned for performing simple tasks that easily take less than 5 minutes a piece on swagbucks. Some of these tasks include playing games, watching videos, taking surveys and searching the web.

Inbox Dollars

Inbox dollars is one of the extremely simple ways of making money from your phone. You can earn points for taking surveys, watching videos and reading emails when you sign up. You also get $5 after signing up.

Mechanical Turk

You will be able to earn Amazon gift cards for performing simple tasks like identifying images and taking surveys when you sign up to earn with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. Daily, there is a limit to the amount of hits you can perform and it takes minutes.

Survey Junkie

This is a place to earn based on surveys made as the name implies. You earn points as you complete surveys and these points can be redeemed for gift cards or cash.


This is a neat money maker because it allows you to earn points for taking surveys but you can also get paid to test out products. Win win!


You get paid to shop with Ibotta. All you need to do is to activate the cash back offers in the app and earn cash with every grocery store you purchase. Some of these offers are limited to specific brands and they tend to pay more. You can also earn when you purchase any brand of specific types of products.


Rakuten is another app that pays you to shop, with this one mainly focusing online. You can, however, earn up to 40% cash back with some purchases! At the end of each quarter, they’ll send you a check, pay through PayPal or send you a gift card.


With Slidejoy, you earn points to redeem for gift cards simply by allowing ads to be placed on your lock screen. Points accumulate every time you unlock your phone.

National Consumer Panel

You can earn cash with the National Consumer Panel by sharing your weekly shopping activity with them. Simply scan your receipts and share the purchase price and store name. Each share earns you points that you can redeem for prizes, gift cards, and cash.


This is a mystery shopping app. All you need to do to earn is to simply walk in to an qualifying store and answer 5-10 questions on the app and you will be on your way to earning extra cash, prizes and gift cads.


Enable your phone’s location services after downloading the SHopkick app and you will be able to earn points for walking in to certain stores. Extra points can also be earned by scanning barcodes and making purchases simple.

Nielsen Digital Voice

Extra cash can be earned by allowing Nielsen Digital Voice to monitor your phone usage. They want to gauge how users utilizing their phones so how often you send texts, make calls, use apps and surf the web will be monitored.


You will be paid for searching the web with your favorite search engine. Points can also be earned by taking surveys, watching videos and using digital coupons available through the app. Your payments are made directly to your Paypal account.


If you like testing out new apps, this app is for you! Get paid to simply download and try out new apps. You can redeem earned points for gift cards and free game downloads.

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